First Word
  1. Floating Over the Clouds
    (Speaking in Tongues)
  2. Dance of the Yi Minority People
    (Based on Chinese Folktunes)
  3. Bes
    (Sowah Mensah)
  4. I Called Your Name
    (Speaking in Tongues)
  5. Unlikely Circumstances
    (Speaking in Tongues)
  6. Mozambique
    (Eugenio Toussaint - BMI)
  7. Rap Intro
    (Speaking in Tongues)
  8. Red red
    (Marc Anderson)
  9. The Long Nights (Intro to Plum Blossom)
    (Marc Anderson)
  10. Three Variations of Plum Blossom
    (Traditional Chinese)

Speaking in Tongues is:
Gao Hong - Chinese pipa and voice (Red red intro)
Marc Anderson - udu, shakers, drum kit, jyil, kayamba, frame drum, cymbals, dumbek, tom toms, gongs, voices, bowed cymbals, pianolin, brekete and donno
Sowah Mensah - donno, kpanlogo, drums, jyil, water gourds, sogo, mbira, voices and brekete
Enrique Toussaint - fretted and fretless basses
Paul Dice - Manager and booking agent

The disc was produced by Speaking in Tongues. Engineered and mixed by Marc Anderson at Studi-Oh in St. Paul, except for Floating Over The Clouds and Unlikely Circumstances which were engineered by Rob Genadek and mixed by Marc and Rob at the Brewhouse in Minneapolis. Mastered by Rob Genadek at Brewhouse. All songs are ASCAP.

© 2000 Speaking In Tongues